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Fee Schedule

All fees are subject to change without notice
CURRENT AS OF: 09/28/2016   
Transaction Type  Fee  
Additional Statement Copy Request
 $1.00  per page
American Express Money Orders  $2.00  
Annual ACH Origination Fee
 $15.00  one time fee for monthly authorization
ATM Issue Card/Reissue Card Fee  $10.00  charged bi-annually
ACH Origination Fee Per Transaction  $5.00  per ACH
ACH Returned NSF  $30.00  per ACH
ACH Stop Payment  $30.00  per ACH
Below Par  $5.00  monthly fee
Bill Pay Proof of Payment  $10.00  monthly fee
Business Account Fee
 $5.00  monthly fee
Business Check Deposit Fee
 $0.10  per check deposited
Carfax  $20.00  per vehicle look up
Cash Advance (non-member/Non-EFFCU Visa)
Cashier's Check
Close Account within 6 Months of Opening
 per suffix
Colorado Payback Processing Fee
 2%  of share balance or $25 whichever is less
Copy of Member Issued Cleared Check
 $2.50  each
Copy of CU Issued Check
Courtesy Pay
 $30.00  per item
Credit Union Checks
 $4.00  payable to other than member
CUSN Transactions
 $1.00  after 8 withdrawals per month
Deposited Item Returned
Deposit Return from Your Account at another Financial Institution
Dormant Account Fee
 $5.00  month after 1 year dormant
Draft Account Reconciliation/Research
 $25.00  per hr in any 30 day period/1 hour minimum
Duplicate Title Fee
Excess HELOC Advance Fee
 $10.00  after maximum draws
Excess Money Market Withdrawals
 $15.00  after 2 per month
Expedited Plastic Fee
 $1.00  per page
Filing Fees
 $15.00  state requirements
Gap Insurance Fee


Home Equity Application
Insurance Non-Compliance Fee (Secured Loans)
 1%  of outstanding balance monthly
International Check Deposit
 $7.50  per check
Loan Extension
Loan Late Payments
 $25.00  after 10 day grace period
Negative Account Balance Fees
 $5.00  daily
Non Member Notary Service
 $5.00  per stamp
NSF Items
ON-US Checks fo rNon-Members
Out of Network ATM fee
 $1.00  every transaction not on a CO-OP Jeanie Network
Outgoing Domestic Wire
Photo Copies of Transactions
PIN Replacement
 $10.00  VISA credit cards only
Plastic Card Replacement
Refinance Consumer Loan Application Fee
 $95.00  no cash out-decrease APR
Refinance HELOC Application Fee
 $225.00  no cash out-decrease APR
Re-open Account Within 6 months of Closing
 $15.00  per suffix
Return Statement Bad Address
Skip A Pay (Holiday)
 $25.00  per loan, per month
Stop Payment Order
Subordination Fee
Teller Checks
 $4.00  payable to other than member
Visa Gift Card
Visa Late Fees
 $27/$38.00  $27.00 1st occurrence, $38 subsequent
Visa NSF
Western Union

Board Approved: 02-26-2015
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