Account Products

Saving money is essential for future financial security and life's little emergencies. To help you build up your assets, we offer a wide array of savings and investment accounts. Our regular savings account establishes your membership. An initial deposit of $25 is required to be eligible for all membership privileges.  To open any additional account products, call us at 303.428.5080 or email us at


Since 1953, EFCU has exclusively served the financial needs of various Denver area labor unions and their families.  Not yet a member, but would like to take advantage of our convenient and competitive services? 


A Share Savings Account is a basic savings account at a credit union. To become a member, a Share Savings Account must be opened with an initial deposit of $25.00 or more.  At least $25.00 must be kept in the account while the account is active. The current rate is at 0.06% APR.


EFCU offers checking with no monthly service charge or minimum balance requirement.  You can view and print copies of cleared checks from your online account when needed. We also offer a free Mastercard® debit card and have additional services you can apply for such as Courtesy Pay.  


Need a separate savings account dedicated to a specific savings goal? A Special Share Savings Account can help you achieve your goal!  We currently offer 0.06% APR on our Special Share Savings Account. 


Our Money Market accounts offer a variety of dividend rates. The minimum amount required to open a Money Market Account is $1,000 and allow for two withdrawals to be made per month without a fee ($15 fee per each additional monthly withdrawal).


Start building your savings today with a share certificate:

  • Earn higher interest than regular savings

  • Fixed rates

  • Various term lengths

  • $1,000 minimum

  • Penalty for early withdrawal may apply


Looking for an easy way to save for Christmas?  Our Christmas Club account is an option for members who would like to save money to fund their Christmas shopping without being charged a fee for early withdrawal.  We currently offer 0.06% APR on our Christmas Club  Accounts.


Put money back into your pocket with our Round-Up Savings Account.  After signing up, every transaction made with your debit card will be rounded to the nearest dollar and the excess funds will be transferred to the Round-Up Savings Account.  Watch the account grow! 

-Coming Soon!


IRAs are a simple and safe way to save money for your retirement. With an IRA you can take advantage of earning tax-deferred dividends while saving for your retirement. At EFCU we offer both a traditional IRA savings account  and share certificates with various terms.

Dividend rates on all products are paid from current quarter earnings and are not guaranteed.  The dividend rate (APR) and annual percentage yield (APY) are subject to change, without notice.  For share certificates the APR and APY are subject to change without notice at anytime prior to the issuance of the certificate. After the point of issuance APR and APY are fixed until maturity. 

For Money Market, two free withdrawals are allowed per month.  There is a $15.00 fee assessed per each additional withdrawal. 


For share certificates, early withdrawal penalties apply.  Share certificates with a 12-month term or less, surrendered for payment prior to the maturity date will forfeit 90 days of interest, except in the death Share certificates greater than 12 months, surrendered for payment prior to the maturity date will forfeit 180 days of interest, except in the death of the owner or the liquidation of the credit union. 


All account earnings could be reduced if fees are added.


Membership eligibility required for all products.

APR= Annual Percentage Rate.  APY=Annual Percentage Yield.