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The Credit Union Difference

As your Colorado union credit union, we can offer you significantly better rates over most banks. Credit unions like EFCU are not-for-profit cooperatives and therefore price loans, pay interest on funds you've deposited, and charge fees to provide you with high-quality, low-cost services. Banks price products and services to make a profit. You earn more on your savings--in some cases up to one percentage point--at a credit union.


Typically, loan rates also are better. Did you know that the average credit card interest rate is four percentage points better at credit unions vs. banks? Credit union auto loans average almost one and one-half percentage points less than bank's auto loan rates. That difference can save you hundreds of dollars over the term of the loan.

Credit unions, like EFCU, are owned by members and operated by volunteer boards. This is a big difference from a bank which is owned by outside stockholders and controlled by paid boards.  Because you're an owner of EFCU, your say in how we do business is important to us. Let your elected, volunteer board members and the EFCU staff, know how we're doing, and what additional services you want at your credit union. We look forward to serving you.

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