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Round-Up Savings

If you are saving, you are succeeding.

Remember those days when you could come home and empty all the change from your pocket into a jar? We can help bring those times back to you with EFCU’s Round Up Savings Program. Enroll and watch your savings account fill up by simply using your debit card.

When you make a purchase with your EFCU Mastercard® debit card, the transaction will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. The difference is then transferred to your Round Up Savings Account. Just use your debit card throughout the day, and we will collect all the Round Up change from that business day and transfer it from your Share Draft/Checking Account to your Round Up Savings account in one lump sum that evening. It’s an easy and fun way to save!

Terms and Conditions:
•Round Up Savings transfers only apply to EFCU Mastercard® Debit Card purch
•Any purchase(s) made after you enroll will be included in the Round Up Savings Program.
•If there are not enough funds to cover the full transfer from your EFCU Share Draft/Checking Account at the end of the day, no transfer will be made for that day.
•Round Up Savings will not utilize any overdraft sources, including Overdraft Line of Credit and Courtesy Pay.
•If your debit card purchase is subsequently cancelled, reversed, or refunded, the corresponding Round Up Savings transfer from that purchase remains in the Round Up Savings Account.
•Transfer funds from your Round Up Savings account through your digital banking account at any time.
•The beneficiary listed on the Share Draft/Checking Account will also be the beneficiary listed on the Round Up Savings Account.
•Please refer to our Truth and Savings Disclosures for current deposit/dividend rates.

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