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This last year, the board and management have spent most of our focus on the upcoming remodel of our building.  We are happy to announce that EFCU will have a modern and fresh new look by the end of this year, that incorporates our union values in much of the design.  We will utilize our space more efficiently and bring in new technology, such as a cash recycler for the tellers and a new walk-up ATM machine.  Unfortunately, we must remove our drive-up to make room for a new, larger member parking area, but we are confident that moving forward, we will still be able to fully service our members with the same convenience and member service we strive for. 

We know that this time will be challenging for both members and employees, since we are remaining in the building during construction, but we are positive that we will all get through it together and we will have a stunning new building that our members will be proud of once everything is complete.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this time.  We are very excited about the changes and feel that an innovative, fresh new look and feel at EFCU will help us continue to increase our membership growth. 

Why are we removing
our drive-up?

We have leased the land on the south side of our building since 1994.  This land consists of our current employee parking and some of our drive-up area.  We were notified a couple years ago that the owner wants to build on that land and will no longer lease it to us after the current lease expires April 2024.  Purchasing the land was also not an option provided to us.  Losing our drive-up was not something we took lightly, and we intensely looked at ways we could keep it, but there was just not enough room to try and include a drive-up in the new design. 


Our members still have access to hundreds of shared branch locations that do offer drive-up services.  We also now offer remote check deposit on our EFCU mobile banking app, which has become very popular and is an alternative to having to visit the branch. 

Future building construction engineering project devotion with double exposure graphic des

Current Timeline

We are still in the process of obtaining our building permits, so the timeline may slightly vary, but this is where we are currently at:


Phase 1- Late October 2023 through December 2023

The demolition of the drive-up and the creation of our new member parking area. Our drive-up is on schedule to be inoperative as of 10/23/2023.

Remodeling of the basement will also take place.  Due to the amount of space, we have for member parking, we cannot have any employee workspace or member areas in the basement (basement will be renovated to be strictly used for storage) – Members will still be able to visit the lobby during this phase. 


Phase 2- December 2023

The lobby will be closed for a couple days in December while a space is created where the tellers will be able to service members in the vestibule after Phase 2.  We highly encourage that our members use a shared branch during these two days (TBA).  Any new accounts or loans must be applied for online, as the rest of the staff will operate in the basement.  Phone lines will be open. 


Phase 3 – December 2023 through May 2024

Current Phase

Remodeling of the main floor will take place.  Members can be serviced in a temporary area created in the vestibule for all teller transactions.  Most employees will remain working in the basement, so it will still be encouraged that new accounts and loan applications be conducted online.

Phase 4- May 2024

All employees will be moved back upstairs to the main floor, and construction should be complete by middle May 2024.

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