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We have been busy this year remodeling our branch.  The remodel is almost complete.  We are happy to announce that EFCU now has a modern and fresh new look that incorporates our union values in much of the design.  We have utilized our space more efficiently and have brought in new technology, such as a cash recycler for the tellers and a new walk-up ATM machine.  Unfortunately, we removed our drive-up to make room for a new, larger member parking area, but we are confident that moving forward, we will still be able to fully service our members with the same convenience and member service we strive for. 

We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during the remodel.  We could not have done this without the dedication of our membership our of our EFCU team.  We are very excited about the changes and feel that the innovative, new look and feel at EFCU will help us continue to increase our membership growth and thrive for years to come. 

Why did we remove our drive-up

We had leased the land on the south side of our building since 1994.  This land consisted of our employee parking and some of our drive-up area.  We were notified a couple years ago that the owner wanted to build on that land and would no longer lease it to us after the current lease expired.  Purchasing the land was also not an option provided to us.  Losing our drive-up was not something we took lightly, and we intensely looked at ways we could keep it, but there was just not enough room to try and include a drive-up in the new design. 


Our members still have access to hundreds of shared branch locations that do offer drive-up services.  We also now offer remote check deposit on our EFCU mobile banking app, which has become very popular and is an alternative to having to visit the branch. 

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